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Caleb deGroot-Maggetti is a pianist, concertina player, and music teacher based in the city of Kitchener (in Ontario, Canada), traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee, the Anishinaabe, and the Neutral peoples.

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Caleb has been playing piano for church services since 2017 and is currently the music director at Church of the Good Shepherd in Kitchener.

Caleb has performed at the Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival with the Iron Tonic Jazz Band in 2019 and 2022. Caleb has also performed in local bars with the Uptown Sound Jazz Collective, and at local porch parties with their family band, Fiddle ‘n’ Swing.



1-on-1 lessons for piano players


"Caleb has been a great music teacher for both our kids over the years. His vast knowledge in music, as well as creativity and personable manner, were a great fit for our kids who’d had some challenging experiences with other teachers in the past. He provided musical foundation for growth while allowing and encouraging them to explore their natural musical interests, from rock, to classical, improvisation and songwriting. I’d highly recommend Caleb!"

- Graeme & Sheri (Parents)

"After fiddling around for many years with the guitar and the keyboard, Caleb lessons finally helped me understand music. I knew the "theory" of music theory, but applying it in practice to create my own compositions, with neat melodies and harmonies, has solidified the concepts in my mind. Not only can I now compose my own songs, it has helped me understand the musical meanings of the many songs I play. It has made me a better musician overall."

- Miguel Guzmán Miranda (Student)

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